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The process is fairly simple, please adhere to the following guidelines for your exchanges:


  • If you have a confirmed reservation
    and would like to try to trade it with another Owners Club Member, you are welcome to post your existing reservation on our member exchange board. Be sure to include as much contact information as you can so members can easily contact you.

  • You may not post an exchange for a partial reservation:        You can only exchange a full reservation for an equal number of nights

  • Dates can only be exchanged once:                                  Once you have exchanged a date that date cannot be traded again

  • Before you post an exchange,
    please view all posted exchanges, you may find there is already a match for your specific needs.


  • If you see a posting that interests you:                                Contact the member directly using the information provided     by that member.

      Confirm all details with the member.                                                                                                   

  • Once both parties have agreed upon the exchange:            Designate one person to send an
       email to: 
    Please copy both members in the email and include your
       names, reservation exchange dates and contact numbers.

  • Delete your posting
    once your trade has been confirmed.                                                                          

  • The trade will be noted on the reservation records.
    A confirmation email will be sent once the reservations have been notated. There will be no changes made to either member’s inventory records.

Please note, you may not cancel the reservation once the exchange has been made.

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